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Health & Safety Policy / Environment & Community Policy

The health and safety of our workers, visitors and the general public, together with the protection of the environment and minimisation of impacts on our community are paramount to the Ashton Coal Operations team. Ongoing success in these areas and compliance with all relevant Acts and Regulations is a fundamental objective of our continued operation and growth as a commercial enterprise. To highlight Ashton Coal's commitment to workplace health, safety, environmental management and community relations, the company has adopted the Yancoal Health & Safety Policy, and Yancoal Environment & Community Relations Policy. 

We are committed to:

  • Ensuring workplace hazards and environmental / community relations risks resulting from Ashton activities are identified, assessed and controlled.
  • Fostering a culture of zero harm through consistent and effective leadership and believing that workplace injuries and workplace related illnesses are preventable.
  • Accountability for our actions, looking after ourselves and each other, and striving for continual improvement in environmental performance.
  • Implementing and validating effective documented HSEC management systems, and communicating relevant information to the workforce.
  • Reporting incidents, determining and addressing root causes, sharing our learnings and ensuring adequate workplace return-to-work management for injured workers.
  • Providing the resources and training to our employees necessary to achieve our HSEC objectives.
  • Complying with the HSEC legislation, regulations, standards, approvals and codes of practice relevant to the operation as a minimum requirement.
  • Establishing and maintaining a coordinated process of consultation and communication with relevant internal and external stakeholders on HSEC matters.
  • Regularly reviewing and assessing policy and other HSEC management system elements in the light of HSEC performance and changing operational and regulatory circumstances.